Facebook Live: 4 Expert Tips

by Meghan Kelly

Jul 23, 2018

Posted in Facebook

Tips for Facebook Live

Simply put, Facebook Live is a live video streaming function within Facebook.

Its purpose is to put its host (you, the business owner) in face-to-face contact with those who have an interest in your services.

Let’s discuss how a business owner can effectively engage with current and prospective customers using this platform.

1. What are the top three questions you are asked when they visit your business?

Answer these questions, one by one, in a simple 60-second Facebook live post.  Let’s say you own a business that offers laser hair removal. Many of your potential customers have fears or concerns that may delay or prohibit them from scheduling an in-person consult. Break down that barrier by addressing your top frequently asked questions in a Facebook live post. This gives your potential customers the chance to get their questions answered in a less intimidating environment while getting the opportunity to see you, hear your voice, and get some insight into your philosophy.

2. Are you attending an industry conference or special event?

Share a 60-second video from the event that highlights your top takeaways and what you’re excited to bring back to share with your customers. Let’s say you own a yoga studio. Your current and prospective students like to see that you are continuing your education and are well-informed about different academic, anatomical or philosophical themes. Use statements like “What this means for you is” and “I’m excited to share this with you when I return to the studio, because…”

3. What’s it like inside your business?

Offer a quick video tour of your business. This works particularly well for any business in the medical field.  Introduce your key staff, do a tour of the office, explain how a common piece of medical equipment operates. Showing prospective patients what to expect can do wonders to ease fears and encourage that first in-office appointment.

4. Inspire and Encourage Students

Inspire and encourage students and those who are working toward what you’ve accomplished! Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner. The process that you went through to become a successful business owner was long and arduous. Think back to your culinary school, the process of opening your first restaurant, hiring your team. What words of wisdom can you share to inspire and motivate those who dream of accomplishing what you’ve accomplished?


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