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The Importance of Weekly One-On-Ones

I slip into autopilot often when I drive. For years, I had the same commute and sometimes if I connect with one of those roads — I’ll slip right back into my old routes. Once, my wife was in the passenger seat and noticed I was way off course. She waited to see how...

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Why A Brand Strategist?

There’s growth. And then there’s growth.  Like most companies, we’re focused on growth. But the core of Formada’s long-term strategy isn’t just about growth for growth’s sake — it’s building something sustainable.  We feel that building a successful,...

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No-Meeting Wednesdays

Death by meeting is real. And we’re here to resurrect every one of our team members who’s been buried alive by an unnecessarily overloaded calendar. At my previous jobs, a common refrain was how much time people spent in meetings. Most would complain about how much...