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Content Auditing for medical and healthcare organizations

Take a deeper dive into how your content is driving revenue for your business, learn what content gaps you have, and how you can leverage new content into long-term growth.

Expand the reach of your content with Formada’s Content Auditing service.


Make data-driven decisions with your published content

Do you really know how effective your website content is? Is your blog generating opportunities for your organization? What type of return on investment are you getting from your white papers, guidebooks, and case studies?

You deserve to know how effective your marketing investments are, and with Formada’s Content Auditing service, you’ll know all of this, and more. Formada’s Content team specializes in content creation, data analysis, and content strategies for medical and healthcare organizations.

Content Auditing is essential for every organization looking to grow the effectiveness of their published content and increase their ROI.

What you’ll get

Performance metrics

Ranking & keyword metrics

Gap analysis

Competitor comparison


Content calendar*

*Content calendars are not available across both tiers of Formada’s Content Auditing service

Expert analysis. Data-driven recommendations. Increased effectiveness.

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