Is Paid Search Advertising a Mystery? Formada has the answers!

Everyone goes to Google with their questions. Are you there when they search for your product or service? Paid search (PPC) puts you at the top of the page in the ads section—ready to answer that user’s question.

I love working from home
I love working from home

Perfect Timing

Unlike a lot of marketing tactics, most paid search users are ready to act. They are actively searching for something on Google and are usually poised to take an action like make a phone call, research a product, or buy.

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Start Conversations

Once we get someone to click on an ad, we don’t just drop them off on your home page—we send them to a specific landing page that continues the conversation you started on Google. See what results an end-to-end PPC campaign can get.

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    A woman is traying to create digital content on her laptop
    A woman is traying to create digital content on her laptop

    Evolve — Don’t Settle

    Paid search campaigns can always be improved. We work hard to continually optimize your campaigns with better keywords, removing keywords, testing new ads, landing pages, and features to drive more customers.

    What Do I Get With Formada Paid Search?

    With Google Express and other ways to easily get your ads on Google, you may want to do it yourself. We think that just running ads on Google isn’t enough. 

    Without split testing, iterative strategies, call tracking, analytics, custom landing pages, and all ad extensions enabled, your campaign can’t reach its full potential. But with Formada, it can!

    Strategic Planning

    Before we build anything, we create a plan with you based on your business goals.


    Everything we create will be branded with the right voice, style, and call to actions.

    Analytics & Tracking

    We collect user behavior, traffic data, and conversion data and share it with you. 

    Campaign Structure

    Google expects optimal campaign structure to get your best results. We can help you start on the right foot.

    Custom Ads & Landing Pages

    We write copy that drives clicks to incredibly focused landing pages that increase your conversion rate.

    Ongoing Improvements

    Updates and improvements are regularly made to your campaign to make it more effective.

    Let’s Do This

    Dominate Google’s Result Page

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