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Revolutionaries? Maybe. We definitely believe in making radical changes to the digital agency model. So we’re making ’em. And we think you’ll like the results.

Meghan Kelly | Founder of Formada Social

Meghan Kelly

CEO | Co-Founder

Meghan is a native of Alpena, Michigan, a small town on Lake Huron in North Eastern Michigan. Meghan attended Michigan State University, where she first majored in Chemistry but soon realized that working in a basement lab provided next to zero social stimulation. So she changed her major to Advertising, where she found her purpose and her people.

Upon graduation from MSU, Meghan packed up her 1989 Mazda 626 and drove 2500 miles to Portland, OR in search of a job in the advertising field. She spent 7 years in media sales before she took a job with a startup focused on providing business solutions to private practice audiologists in Vancouver, Washington called Audigy Group in 2008. Meghan built out the media department at Audigy, where she focused on creating programs that drive quantifiable results for business owners while also driving revenue for the company.

Meghan’s passion is building and growing strong digital teams. She has a knack for recognizing talent in people, sometimes before they’ve recognized that talent within themselves.

Meghan, her husband, two kids, and their dog, Ramona, happily reside in the Pacific Northwest.

Garrett Jackson | Founder of Formada Social

Garrett Jackson

COO | Co-Founder

Garrett is a Pacific Northwest native from Adna, Washington. Garrett has a Bachelor’s in Communications – Advertising. He enjoys working on holistic marketing campaigns—writing copy, designing, building clear strategic plans, and creating a powerful brand presence.

After graduation, he moved home to the Pacific Northwest. Garrett’s most recent work (6 years) has been at Audigy, an audiology management company, where he developed new digital marketing programs, restructured an existing digital marketing team, and partnered with Meghan in leading the technical operations of a team of organic, paid, and social digital marketers.

Garrett’s passion is building process. A true operations-obsessive, he loves dropping into a business and connecting the dots. He started Formada Social after working with incredibly talented marketing people and felt there had to be a better model. Formada Social is the realization of that hope—employees can always speak their mind, are compensated for their talent, have autonomy and flexibility, and employee’s happiness comes first.

Garrett lives in Vancouver, WA with his wife, the brilliant artist Racheal Jackson of Banyan Bridges, and his three kids.

David Kerr, Senior Website Designer at Formada Social

David Kerr

VP of Design

David creates engaging, beautiful, and easy-to-use websites and online experiences. He also helps strategize and implement other digital marketing efforts such as search engine marketing and social media advertising.

David studied graphic design at Oregon State University. While his background lies more in branding and print design, he’s always nurtured an interest in digital and interactive design — particularly website design and user experience. Web design became a larger focus over time and led him to explore the breadth of digital marketing, focusing on search engine marketing for a time and eventually adding social media advertising, local listing management, and online reputation management to his tool belt as well.

David grew up outside of Keizer, Oregon with two older sisters. He is currently striving to become a certified “fun uncle.” While he loves being able to reach the beach, the mountain, the woods, or the desert in a day, his main hobby is adjusting the volume knob on his guitar amp as he attempts to find the line between “loud enough” and “being a good neighbor.” 

Nathan Miller - Chief Content Officer at Formada Social

Nathan Miller

VP of Content

Nathan Miller, a northern Michigan native, has spent the majority of his life creating things, including art, music, and various styles of writing. This love of creation and the communication of information through different mediums led to a career in marketing, where Nathan honed his skills in copywriting and brand strategy.

For well over a decade, Nathan has worked with digital and traditional marketing strategists, sales teams, and C-suite executives from national and global companies in creating marketing campaigns and brand strategies that are as imaginative as they are effective.

Not only does Nathan have a passion for communication, but he also has a passion for people, specifically in fostering individuals and teams to bring the best of themselves to marketing projects of every shape and size.

His unique perspective and application of copywriting, content strategy, brand strategy, creative and artistic direction are just a few of the areas where Nathan’s skills have helped people, campaigns, and companies achieve their goals.

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