Meet Your Team

We’re the strategists, writers, designers, and technicians dedicated to one simple thing:

Your success.

Meghan Kelly, Formada's CEO and Co-Founder

Meghan Kelly

CEO | Co-Founder

Garrett Jackson, Formada's COO and Co-Founder

Garrett Jackson

COO | Co-Founder

David Kerr, Formada's VP of Design

David Kerr

VP of Design

Nathan Miller, Formada's VP of Brand Strategy

Nathan Miller

VP of Brand Strategy

Harrison Horblit, Formada's VP of Paid Media

Harrison Horblit

VP of Paid Media

Natalie Nygren, Formada's VP of Content

Natalie Nygren

VP of Content

Vicki Tolmacheva, a Web Designer at Formada

Vicki Tolmacheva

Web Designer