About Us

We know digital marketing. 

But getting to know you is how we make our services excel.

Why Formada?

Our mission is to help you achieve your business goals by providing you with the digital marketing strategies you need, the personalized approach to service that you deserve, and a level of partnership that you’ve always wanted from your marketing team.

Too many agencies offer stock solutions to nuanced problems. Not Formada. We’re never going to come to a discovery call with a pitch deck. Why? Because your marketing goals are unique, and the strategy to achieve them is, too.  

Sure, many of the tactics might be the same, but every business needs a different blend of strategy, application of services, and style of communication in order to reach their version of success. What does success look like to you?

Meghan Kelly and Garrett Jackson, Formada's Co-Founders, showing thumbs-up and smiling at the camera
Meghan Kelly and Garrett Jackson, Formada's Co-Founders, showing thumbs-up and smiling at the camera

Our founding

Formada began in 2018, the brainchild of our founders, Meghan Kelly and Garrett Jackson, two longtime marketing colleagues who saw the need for an agency that could deliver better communication, strategies, and results than was being offered. So they built one.

Meghan specializes in people — our team, our clients, and everything regarding the human element of our brand, making good on our promise of partnership by exemplifying the vision of what Formada has to offer. 

Garrett, a veritable Swiss Army Knife of talents, brings a sense of order to the Formada experience by creating an ever-improving operational framework to client support, project management, and team communication.

Where we’re going

Since our creation, Formada has evolved from a two-person operation offering social media advertising, to a rapidly growing team with a broad array of services including website design and management, content strategy and expert copywriting, paid search and social media advertising, consulting, and more. We love what we do, and we love doing great work for everyone we serve.

We’re not kidding. Our goal is to do the best work possible. To be seriously successful. And to create a culture that attracts world-class talent and client relationships. 

We have a set of mandates that guide us through everything that we do: Partnership, Autonomy, Transparency, and Simplicity. 

We believe that Partnership fosters deeper understanding and clearer communication.

We believe that Autonomy creates a sense of accountability that encourages action.

We believe that Transparency leads to the best recommendations for your brand.

We believe that Simplicity is always worth the hard work it takes to make things easier.

Who Formada serves

Though we specialize in helping healthcare-related businesses, we’re proud to partner with any business that desires a fresh approach to their marketing — the folks that understand that clear communication, time-tested strategies, and continuous refinement will always lead to better outcomes.

We want to be an extension of your team. To make the good stuff great. To help you connect with the people you want to serve by making your business visible, accessible, and engaging. 

Aren’t you ready to partner with a digital marketing provider that cares about the success of your business?

Get started with Formada!

You’ll learn what sets us apart from the other “top” digital marketing agencies and experience an all-new approach to enterprise marketing strategies.

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