Email marketing content designed to generate opens, clicks, and conversions

Get proven, effective email marketing copy for your medical or healthcare organization that engages and educates your audience while pushing them deeper into your marketing funnel.

Formada’s email marketing content support increases your opens and clicks.

Harrison Horblit, the Director of Paid Media, laughing and chatting with the team

Audience-specific messaging that spurs action

Email marketing is one of the best tactics for personalized interactions with your prospects and existing clientele.

But the first, most effective way to create a successful email campaign is through expertly written, personalized content.

The Formada team specializes in writing content for medical, healthcare, and wellness organizations, no matter if you’re a practitioner, an association, a software or device company, or otherwise. We can help you create effective messaging that will help you achieve your goals.


Custom design support

Our clients can even take advantage of Formada’s optional custom design services, where we’ll use email design best practices to ensure that your email will be even more effective when it hits recipients’ inboxes.
Natalie Nygren, the Director of Content, laughing and chatting with the team
Natalie Nygren, the Director of Content, laughing and chatting with the team

What Do I Get?

Personalized Content

Custom messaging for specific segments of your audience

Custom Design

Brand-elevating graphic design support

Detailed KPIs

Campaign-specific goal setting

Better ROI

Improved open and clickthrough rate via proven subject line and CTAs strategies


Educate your audience on important news and time-sensitive topics

Increase Opportunities

More traffic to your website

Medical and Healthcare Organizations Deserve Effective Email Content

Get Custom Email Content From Formada

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