Case Study: How Search Optimized Content Will Increase Organic Traffic

by Natalie Nygren

Jun 26, 2024

Posted in Case Studies

VP of Content, Natalie Nygren, has proven strategies to help you increase organic traffic.

Looking To Increase Traffic? Focus On Your Content.

Most businesses want a healthy flow of traffic to their website. It helps establish a clear brand identity, increases sales opportunities, and with the right supporting strategies, positively impacts revenue. But how do you increase organic traffic?

For well-established businesses, increasing site traffic can be tricky, but they have the benefit of a deeper history to draw from when devising a strategy. Having name recognition and existing content that can be repurposed gives these businesses a leg up over the competition when there’s a solid foundation already in place. 

But what about a brand-new business? How can we build brand recognition, establish credibility, and drive traffic to their organic site? The challenges are distinctly different with new businesses, but the opportunities are many. 

Such was the case with a national health & wellness startup offering precision wellness services. This business specializes in serving people looking to optimize their health and overall well-being, including customized supplements, IV services, and genetic and blood testing.

Back in late-2022, this organization came to Formada to build out & manage their website, including writing well-structured copy that targeted relevant, high-volume keywords. 

This approach was designed to help them quickly establish authority and create awareness in the eyes of consumers, and would largely take place in the form of frequently published, highly relevant blog posts. 

Initially, the client and Formada agreed to partner on three months of high-volume content production, but the traffic and business lifts that our content and strategic approach created convinced them to keep the original agreement in place. 

How big was the lift? Let’s go deeper into the clients’ goals, our recommended solutions, and of course, their results. 

Setting Content Goals To Create Organic Traffic Growth

We wanted to set very specific goals, so we could create a custom, measurable strategy for this client. 

After having discovery sessions, assessing the competition, and identifying the market opportunities, we set three important goals:

  • Establish authority
  • Increase organic website traffic
  • Capture a niche market

Each of these goals was important in their own way, and it was essential that they worked together in order to achieve an even bigger, more important goal, the one that matters the most to any organization, regardless of industry: Serving more customers to generate more revenue.

Here’s how we approached each goal.

Establish Authority

The client offers a wide array of services, and being in the business of providing wellness services means that establishing authority with potential clients and search engines is essential to achieving our goals. 

There’s a lot of competition on both fronts. How could show that the clients’ business offers a premier tier of service? How could we approach high-volume keywords with enough differentiation that search engines would recognize their brand’s useful and authoritative advice?

While we did target many of the same high-volume keywords that our competitors do, we also focused on long tail keywords and created subcategories of highly niche keywords and queries. But using the clients’ deep well of expertise is where we were able to help truly stand out, by providing a unique, expert-led perspective that both search and users could recognize as credible and authoritative.

Increase Organic Traffic

With aggressive growth goals in place, we had to take a “fight fire with fire”-style approach. 

Sure, we could put together a paid strategy to drive traffic to the site, but what would visitors have to engage with once they arrived? They needed to have the experience that this new brand was credible. A website light on content simply would not do. 

It was established that the Formada team would create and publish 20 long-form blog posts per month — approximately one blog every weekday — to quickly capture as much relevant search traffic as possible for the site while also building awareness for the brand.

Capture a Niche Market

At the end of the day, an effective marketing strategy is one that focuses on the experiences of people. 

Our client is a premier wellness brand that offers luxury-level services to its clients. Our content, both in tone and in the level of expertise, needed to match that. 

Again, this is where we focused on prioritizing and publishing long-tail, question-based keywords. In effect, this strategy helped us to better engage our clients’ niche target audience, answer highly specific user queries, and increase our chances of capturing featured snippets in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The Results? Our Search-Optimized Content Strategy Helped a National Health System Increase Organic Traffic by 1,500% in One Year

Case study results showing a 1,500% increase in organic site traffic.

That’s right, between the months of November, 2022 and December, 2023, the Formada Content Team helped our client increase their organic website traffic by 1,500%!

But that wasn’t the only impressive result that we achieved. In addition to this drastic increase in their organic traffic, this strategy also resulted in:

  • 1,700 monthly blog views
  • 3,000 monthly form submissions
  • #9 average site rank

The client was thrilled, and we were thrilled for them. This strategy has worked so well for them, that we’ve only slightly adjusted our publishing strategy. 

The combination of their expertise in the health and wellness space and our expertise in creating person-first, SEO-minded content produced incredible results.

Measurable goals. Clear communication. Trust in our collaboration. Consistent effort. 
This is what it takes to increase organic traffic. We’ve replicated and adapted this approach for other clients, and we can do it for you, too. If you’d like to learn more about ways in which we can help your business increase its organic traffic, or any of our other digital marketing services for medical organizations, then please contact us today. We’d love to help you achieve your goals.


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