How To Promote Your Clinic

by Meghan Kelly

Mar 13, 2024

Posted in Industry

Formada founder Meghan Kelly is shot in black and white, seated, and surrounded by color illustrations for this blog about how to promote your clinic.

The Relationship Between Operations, Finance, and Marketing 

When creating the best strategy for how to promote your clinic, it’s important to think beyond marketing. Or rather, to not see marketing as something that exists on its own island. At Formada, we don’t think of operations, finance, and marketing in silos. Much like the systems of the body, every function in your  clinic is deeply interwined. 

If you don’t have the right processes in place, your team can’t consistently serve your clients. Without financial clarity, you can’t effectively allocate resources. And if you aren’t putting the right message in the right places, your clients won’t be able to find you. 

These three business pillars are closely connect. Your operational structure affects how your team works in the business and how your clients experience their work. 

And your financial strategy touches every aspect of the organization, including the physical space, payroll, marketing investments, and more. 

Finally, your marketing creates a voice for your brand, brings business into the clinic, and increases your revenue while testing the strength of your processes. 

If any one of these pillars is out of whack, the organization suffers. 

And while operations and finance can often be incredibly complex, they typically don’t include the emotional factors that marketing does. 

What does my brand stand for? What’s our tone of voice? How do I connect on an emotional level with my clientele? It makes the question of how to promote your clinic much more complex. We need to consider your goals, strategy, tactics, as well as the human and emotional variables that will make your clinic’s marketing more effective. 

Promote Your Clinic Using a Comprehensive Approach

Just as we don’t recommend looking at marketing as something that exists separately from operations and finance, we also caution against thinking of marketing tactics as independent activities. 

Your marketing strategy should be composed of different tactics that all work together to help you achieve your goals. 

If your goal is to bring in more new patients, then your marketing might look something like this:

  • A clinic website that features an overview of your services, staff, and vital clinic info
  • A website blog that goes deep into niche topics for patient education and SEO strength
  • Paid Google ads focusing on a single service with a strong call to action
  • Landing pages related to your Google ads with time sensitive information
  • Programmatic ads for specific services that message across TV, streaming, and radio
  • Organic social media posts that communicate your clinic culture and patient success
  • YouTube videos that explain your services and set patient expectations
  • Paid social ads that promote you clinic’s unique brand
  • Emails that include appointment reminders, what to expect messages, and thank yous
  • A Google review program that encourages patients to review your services

All of these tactics are working together to support a single strategy. Each one should be measured and evaluated on its own terms to determine how it’s contributing to your goal. 

Not every social post or blog will lead directly to a new appointment. But the consistency of your message and the extensive reach of your marketing will capture the attention of more people and push those potential patients deeper into the marketing funnel until they’re ready to take action.

Consistency is key. And so is the mix of tactics you employ. Each one creates a perception of your brand, promotes your services, and communicates why people should choose you over your competition. 

Promote Your Clinic With a Proven Partner

Your expertise lies in running your clinic, managing your team, and most importantly, serving your patient base. It shouldn’t have to also lie in creating and executing marketing strategies. 

Often, offloading your marketing is a good operational and financial decision for the practice. At Formada, we specialize in plugging our operational structure into the health and medical organizations. 

We aim to become an extension of your team, and we do this by earning a deep understanding of your clinic, its processes, and goals in order to create a marketing strategy that brings in more patient leads, and improves your ROI. 

Promoting your clinic effectively (i.e., in balance with your clinic’s operational strategy and financial health) crequires experts in web design, SEO, content strategy, copywriting, paid and social media marketing, as well as ongoing tracking and reporting. 

We manage your marketing budgets as though they were our own. Our strategies are designed to complement or enhance your clinic’s operations so that you can capture and convert leads into new patients. 

And it’s all custom to your brand. Your content, your voice, and your imagery. Personalized to who you are what your patients’ need. 

If you want to learn more about how to promote your clinic by leveraging our services, then I would love the opportunity to speak with you. 

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