I need help writing this white paper for my sales team

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

VP of Content, Natalie Nygren, is photographed in black and white, seated in front of the camera and smiling. she is surrounded by teal, magenta, and blue lines, creating a colorful graphic effect.

Sometimes, finding the time to write quality content for your business is near-impossible. You wear a lot of hats. And there are only so many hours in a day. 

Typically, and for good reason, business owners are giving their attention first to their clients, and then to the needs of their team. But what about your own brand? What about the marketing assets that your Sales team needs in order to generate more business?

This is where finding an agency that specializes in content creation can be a huge win for your business. 

When Formada assists businesses in creating content like white papers, blog posts, and other marketing and sales tools, our Content Specialists learn as much as they possibly can about you in order to capture voice, focus on the areas of the business that you most want to grow, and write copy that converts. 

If your organization needs assistance with writing copy that will bring in more customers, then contact us today. We specialize in creating personalized content that captures your brand voice and connects you with your ideal customer.


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