I want my brand to feel like it’s everywhere online

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

A black and white photo of Harrison Horblit is surrounded by colorful graphic imagery, while he smiles at the camera. Harrison specializes in managing UTM parameters.

We understand that feeling. What business doesn’t want to be in front of their ideal customer at all times?

But how would you keep everything organized? How many points of contact are you going to need in order to understand what your ROI actually is? That’s the beauty of Programmatic Advertising. 

With Programmatic Advertising, advertising, you can place highly relevant, targeted ads directly to your audience across a variety of channels, including ConnectedTV placements on streaming services and smart TVs, online radio spots, Spotify ads, native ads, banner ads, and more.

It’s an incredible way to be everywhere you need to be in order to capture attention and drive new leads to your business. Contact Formada today to learn more about how Programmatic Advertising can help you achieve your goals.


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