I’d like to reach people on a variety of websites outside of social media and search engines

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

A black and white photo of Harrison Horblit is surrounded by colorful graphic imagery, while he smiles at the camera. Harrison specializes in managing UTM parameters.

Marketing on social media and search engines is a valuable way to reach your customers, but it can feel kind of limiting. Certainly, there are different ways to reach your customers these days, right? Yes, there are! 

With Programmatic Advertising, you have the power to reach customers across a variety of platforms, including streaming services, internet radio, Spotify, smart TVs, native and banner ads, and much more.

Programmatic Advertising sends your audience to custom landing pages that are designed to convert them into leads for your business. 

These campaigns are continuously refined in order to increase your ROI and help you achieve your business’s goals. 

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