Our current blogging agency isn’t writing content that’s valuable or ranks

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

VP of Content, Natalie Nygren, is photographed in black and white, seated in front of the camera and smiling. she is surrounded by teal, magenta, and blue lines, creating a colorful graphic effect.

It’s important to establish the goals that you’re trying to achieve early on in the content creation process. 

Your agency should be educating on how you can create and publish content that will help you reach those business goals by learning about your brand, customers, competition, and the challenges that you’re facing. 

By understanding those fundamentals, your agency should be doing keyword research in order to understand how easy or difficult it will be to rank for certain keywords, as well as to look for opportunities that have yet to be considered. 

But your ability to rank takes more than simply using those keywords in your blogs and on your website. Both readers and search engines are looking for content that is relevant and useful. 

When web crawlers evaluate a piece of content, they’re assessing the relevance of the writing in association with the primary keywords or phrases, and awarding it authority based on its value. 

This doesn’t mean you should saturate your content with keywords and phrases, but it does mean that you should create highly specialized, insightful, and ultimately helpful for your customers. 

The greater the value, the higher the ranking, and typically the higher the organic traffic, as well. By giving your audience informative, relevant, and useful content, you’ve created a system for reinforcing the authority of your brand. 

If you’re ready to finally publish content that your customers and search engines will love, then contact us today. We’d love to show you how a personalized content strategy can help you achieve your goals.


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