Our website doesn’t sound like us, can I get help rewriting it in my voice?

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

VP of Content, Natalie Nygren, is shot in black and white, seated with her arms crossed on her lap. She is surrounded by an illustrated blue box, with four more blue boxes to her right.

Brands evolve. Maybe the market has shifted. Maybe your business has adjusted its focus. No matter what the reason, you want your most important marketing tactics — like your website — to accurately reflect your business’s brand. 

When it doesn’t, it can feel frustrating. It makes your Sales team’s job harder. It can create negative perceptions of your brand. 

Partnering with an agency that specializes in content creation is often the right way to correct your message and voice so that it aligns with who you are, and what problems you can solve for your customers. 

Formada takes this process very seriously. Before we ever write a word for you, we take you through our Brand Discovery process, so we can gain a clear understanding of who you are, your specific tone of voice, and what goals you want to achieve through your website. 

The team carefully reviews its work with you to ensure that we’ve not only accurately captured your voice, but have elevated it through a strategic combination of quality writing, keyword focus, and a reader & SEO-friendly structure. 

Your website should be one of your most powerful marketing tools. Let us help you bring your voice to life!


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