This page on my website has looked bad for a really long time

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

VP of Design, David Kerr, is pictured in black and white, seated, facing the camera. He is flanked by two colorful graphics — a red half circle and a teal triangle.

Your website is one of your most valuable assets, and when it doesn’t reflect who you are as a business — either through old copy or outdated imagery — you know that you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

The site in its current state is creating one perception of what your brand is, while you and your team are striving to cultivate an entirely different experience through your work. 

Many organizations will work with an agency to build them a new site, but won’t often have the support to make ongoing changes to pages when things change in the business, as they inevitably will. 

This results in outdated content, an inaccurate representation of services, aesthetics that don’t match current brand standards, or even design choices that were on-trend during the original build that have fallen out of favor. 

When Formada works with an organization to build their new website, we also offer a Website Management Service, which includes secure hosting, as well as features like plugin, theme, and security updates, as well as time allotted for making aesthetic and content updates, ensuring that your site is always a direct reflection of your business’s current brand. 

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