Consider Digital Marketing Tactical Speed

by Garrett Jackson

Aug 15, 2019

Consider Tactical Speed

You needed leads like… yesterday. We often meet businesses who are in a spiral around this question, “how can I get leads as quickly as possible.”

Business owners want to throw money at SEO, their website, and PPC to try and get their leads to pick up. Often, we have to slow this conversation down and talk about tactical speed. This is vital to making the right investment for your business.

Every digital marketing tactic has a different speed at which it deploys.


SEO is like pushing a dead car up a slightly graded hill. It takes a lot of effort, sometimes several people, and a long time to get to your destination. We usually tell people to not expect an increase for at least 3-6 months. Sure, we can update your website today to be more SEO-friendly, but Google’s evaluation process takes time.

Website Updates

Website updates are like adding new paint to your house. If someone drives past your house, yes, this can absolutely make a difference in how they perceive your brand. However, making these changes won’t bring anybody to your street (website). You have to direct them there. This can have an immediate effect on existing visitors, but won’t increase your exposure.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is much faster, with a campaign being able to be built within 2 weeks. Results for the first 3 months will be a bit sporadic, however, you will increase your exposure and website visit immediately. This is because you pay for visibility on these websites to a defined and targeted audience.

Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click or PPC)

PPC is also a fast tactic. We can have a campaign running with custom landing pages within 2 weeks. Results again, vary for the first 3 months until we are targeting users effectively. The biggest benefit of PPC over social media is that these are people who are more inclined to move forward. They are actively searching on Google for information.

Display Advertising

Display advertising allows you to run image ads or banner ads across the web to targeted and specific users. These are a lot like newspaper ads except more narrowly targeted. These can create immediate exposure, but perfecting a display campaign to drive any sort of conversion takes months. Retargeting, however, could allow you to increase your exposure to audiences who have already visited your website. This is a great way to tip the scale in your favor.

Our Recommendation for Fastest Leads

We want to be careful here, as we are with all our clients. If you want immediate leads, we can’t promise that. We can promise, however, immediate exposure through PPC or social media advertising. This is the fastest way to increase your pipeline of visitors to your website and brand.

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