Content Audits For Medical and Healthcare Marketing

by Meghan Kelly

Apr 26, 2024

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Formada Founder and CEO, Meghan Kelly, is here to help medical and healthcare organization with content audits.

What Is Your Content Doing For Your Business?

You have a website. Social media. You might have a blog, white papers, or even eBooks that you’ve published. But when was the last time you audited their performance?

How clear of a sense do you have of what those tactics are doing to drive new opportunities and create growth for your organization? 

Publishing relevant, useful content is a key driver for any business that wants to reach a wider customer base. Marketing assets like your website are filled with data that can give you key insights about what you’re doing well and what might need improvement. 

Formada offers content auditing for medical and healthcare businesses so that you can know precisely how your existing copy is performing, what gaps you might have in your content, as well as recommendations for what new content can be created to support your marketing goals. 

This is what the Formada Content Auditing service and process looks like. 

Formada’s Content Auditing for Medical and Healthcare Businesses

Depending on your needs, your content audit will either be a standalone audit, where we review your website, blog, guidebooks, and whitepapers, or it will include an audit and that assessment will be delivered alongside a content calendar. 

Here’s what that looks like in greater detail. 

Standalone Content Audit

The Formada Content team will evaluate different aspects of your content environment, determine the effectiveness of that content, identify gaps, and make recommendations for how to improve your content strategy. 

The content performance metrics we’ll focus on are as follows:

  • Engagement metrics 
  • Organic metrics
  • Ranking & keyword metrics
  • Competitor comparison 

Additionally, we’ll include insights regarding what your ideal content mix looks like, while highlighting those categories you aren’t currently addressing.

  • Gap Analysis
    • Determination of major content buckets
    • Evaluation of which buckets are lacking

Lastly, we’ll provide you with guidance on how to improve the creation, distribution, and engagement of your content. 

  • Recommendations
    • Based on performance and gap analysis, how can the client improve their content strategy? 

Content Audit with Content Calendar

The Content Calendar will work in conjunction with the findings from your content audit in order to map out three or more months of new content, across your website, blog, social media, and other long-form tactics, like guidebooks, case studies, and white papers. 

Also included in the Content Calendar are:

  • Suggested content themes to prioritize, based on well-performing content that you can further capitalize on, or content gaps that you should fill
  • Content tactics recommendations, such as blog posts vs. long-form content vs. social posts
  • Recommended publish dates or days, based on your Google Analytics data

Once you receive either version of your audit, you are free to execute on our recommendations on your own, or you can extend your Content Strategy partnership with Formada and we’ll execute on your behalf. 

How Formada Executes Your Content Audit

As is the case with every partnership we enter into, when we work together on a content audit, we want to know everything we possibly can about your business, your goals, and the challenges you’re facing. 

All content audits include an hour-long kickoff call. In it, we will gather data about your current content creation process, the themes and tactics you’ve chosen, the strategy behind those choices, as well as your target audience and other critical details. 

We’ve created a standardized process that allows us to get a clear picture of what’s unique about your business, which will ensure we’re not missing out on any essential information. 

Once we’ve completed this step of the process, we’ll work with your team to gain access to your current publishing platforms (such as your website’s Google Analytics) so that we can pull the appropriate data for review and interpretation. 

We’ll use this information to guide our keyword research, developing a playbook that outlines your published content to-date, its performance, key takeaways, and our recommendations for how your content can make an even bigger impact on the business. 

Who Are Content Audits For?

In our estimation, every business benefits from a regular content audit. Content has long been critical to a business’s success, and continues to be a key way of connecting with customers and building authority with search engines. 

Really, any medical, healthcare, or wellness business with a website, blog, and other published content deserves to know how their content is performing and what gaps they have. Gaps essentially mean you’re reaching fewer people who could benefit from your products and services, which then equates to less revenue. 

Most businesses publish content without a Content Manager to give them the direction they need to create the kind of growth they want, let alone key strategic insights, but even those organizations with content specialists on staff can benefit from an objective review of content performance. 

By working with Formada on your own content, you can leverage our expert analysis and recommendations to make data-driven decisions and ensure that your content strategy is effective, efficient, and poised to drive growth. 

Medical and Healthcare Organizations, Get Your Content Audits from Formada!

We love helping medical and healthcare businesses create growth. Our team has long specialized in helping providers, practitioners, healthcare marketers, software developers, product managers, and more in reaching their most valuable customers. 

We can help you, too. 

Contact us today to learn more about Content Audits. We’d love to help you grow.


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