Our lead follow-up process and marketing tracking is messy at best — what do I do?

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

Formada Co-Founder, Meghan Kelly, is pictured in black and white, surrounded by a colorful illustrated design. She smiles to the left of the camera's view.

The lead follow-up process can be a tricky one. Typically, the marketing team is not responsible for lead follow-up. This is generally the responsibility of sales and client acquisition teams.

That said, it is important that when any marketing campaign is being launched, that there is a clear understanding of accountability. For instance:

  • Who are lead forms going to?
  • Who is responsible for following up on those lead inquiries?
  • How quickly are those leads being followed up on?
  • If the leads are converted into customers, then how is that information tracked?
  • If the leads are not converted, are those leads then recategorized and marketed to with a different message?

These questions are ideally answered before any campaign is launched with a fully operationalized process and clear understanding established between the sales and marketing teams. 

If you’re unclear on how to create the right marketing and sales system for your business, then we’re happy to help you define a process that is right for you. Contact us today!


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