What Should Be On My Digital Marketing Report?

by Meghan Kelly

Oct 1, 2018

What should be on my digital marketing report?

You’ve signed on with a digital agency. Maybe you’re looking to start a new relationship with an agency and you’re wondering how you compare one agency’s reporting method to another.

Some of the critical considerations should be:

How does the agency report the success of my digital investment back to me?

What should I expect my agency to report on and how do I ensure that the reporting is meaningful, actionable, and appropriate for my business?

Follow these tips to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your agency relationship.

1. Your report should make sense

This sounds obvious, but it’s a common problem. Many business owners don’t look at their digital marketing report because they’re not exactly sure what the report is telling them. If your report isn’t meaningful to you—ask questions!

2. Your report should arrive consistently

Your agency should send you a report on a regular basis—usually monthly. You shouldn’t have to ask for it. End of story.

3. Your report should show the whole picture

Reporting should never filter out the bad. Let’s face it, some months are slow. Some experiments don’t work. A good report will showcase the negatives along with the positives and the action items derived from the data.

4. Your report should contain actionable information

Let’s use an example here. Let’s say you’re a massage therapist and you accept Blue Cross insurance. You’ve worked with your agency to set this goal: Drive more Blue Cross patients into your business. Your report tells you that you’re driving lots of traffic for the keyword phrase “massage therapists blue cross”, but you know from working the office that you’re not getting any additional Blue Cross patients. This tells us that the right traffic is arriving on your website—but dang it! They’re not converting.

What can we deduce from this information? We need to beef up the content on the landing page to encourage conversion. Maybe that’s adding a stronger call to action or a more visible form.  A good agency will point out these opportunities.

At Formada, we work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations. We believe that the best agency/client relationships are built on a solid foundation of transparent reporting.

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