How Content Can Help Healthcare Brands Dominate Their Markets

by Meghan Kelly

Jan 31, 2024

Posted in Industry

Meghan Kelly is photographed in black and white, seated in a chair while smiling at a message about content strategy for healthcare businesses.

Trouble Breaking Through With Your Audience? Know Thyself.

Sometimes it can feel like there’s too many options, too much competition, and even finding the right message is way too difficult. Where do you even start? (How about with a strong content strategy?)

I’ve certainly felt that way. When we were first getting started, I would often think “How do we, as a digital marketing agency in an area rich with competition, stand out from the rest?” 

But the more I spoke with my colleagues, our clients, and with some trusted mentors, a more important truth began to surface.

I began to understand that while some other agencies might offer some of the same services that we do:

  • No other agency has the talented people that we have
  • No other agency has our systems and processes in place
  • No other agency can communicate, align, and deliver quite like we can

We don’t do off the shelf digital marketing. We get in deep with teams, understand their goals and their challenges, and put the right people and tactics in place to devise a tailor-made strategy. 

And then we launch those campaigns, analyze the results, and refine where needed. We operate as an extension of our clients’ teams. 

I realized that the essence of what we do is unique, and it’s an approach that is incredibly effective.

This was an inspiring, liberating moment for me. It helped me reframe my perspective. 

I was suddenly less focused on trying to compare Formada to our competition, and more intent on elevating what makes Formada great at what we do. Once you have that understanding, it’s time to start shouting it from the rooftops. 

Content Strategy: Knowing Is Half The Battle. Publish Often!

It’s one thing to have created something special that can benefit others. But it doesn’t matter if it’s great digital marketing, great healthcare products or services, or the industry’s best practice management software if no one can find it. 

The most successful businesses and practices we know are those who understand their core message, and actively engage with their audiences on a regular basis. 

What does “engage” mean? Well, it can mean a lot of different things:

  • A website that clearly articulates your brand, its values, and its relevance
  • Blogs that go into great detail on highly niche topics
  • Emails and newsletters that aggregate timely, relevant information for its readers
  • Social media posts that display your business culture and create emotional connection
  • Highly relevant, paid ads and landing pages that speak to motivated audiences

It can mean a lot of other things, too, depending on the focus of your business, the needs of your customers, and your particular goals. 

One of the most important things that you should do, no matter what your marketing mix might be, is to be consistent. 

We’ve worked with numerous startups in the healthcare realm, and one of the most effective strategies we’ve developed in helping them elevate their brands hinges on content, specifically blogging. 

Some have chosen two blogs per month, whereas others have chosen a much more aggressive strategy of publishing blogs daily for the first several months and then tapering off to a still-assertive ten blogs per month cadence. Formada? We publish eight blogs per month.  

The value of this lies in exploring topics that matter to your audience, using keywords to help your blogs rank on search engines, and providing your readers with information that they can usefully apply to their lives and businesses. 

Consistency will help set expectations with your audience, and the data you’ll gather along the way will help you dig deeper into topics they find interesting. 

Create a calendar. Delve deep into your subject matter expertise. Provide useful information and clear calls to action. And don’t be afraid to click “Publish.”

Content Strategy: The Key To Connecting With Your Audience Is Simply Getting Started

If you’re like me, you want things to be perfect right out of the gate. Unfortunately, that is a concept that holds a lot of us back from achieving our goals. There’s always a reason to not publish, to tinker with an idea in order to make it “better.”

You’ll learn so much more by creating, publishing, and learning from the feedback you receive, as well as the process itself. And by continuing down that path, you’ll connect with more people, get more data, and learn more about how you can further differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Interested in learning more about how Formada can help you develop a content strategy that supports your goals? Let’s talk! Our team specializes in helping medical and healthcare brands connect with the people who need your services most. 


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