Medical Marketing Tips: Three Ways Digital Marketing Will Help Your Healthcare Brand Soar In 2024

by Meghan Kelly

Jan 3, 2024

Posted in Industry

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You deserve a digital marketing partner who understands your goals

For over 15 years, I’ve spent my career building and leading teams centered on one ideal: Helping medical, healthcare, and wellness brands achieve their business goals through great digital marketing. 

That’s one of the reasons why Garrett and I started Formada. We knew that with our experience, we could help more businesses connect with the people that matter most to them. 

One thing that we’ve observed is that a lot of brands in the medical and healthcare space struggle with marketing because they either don’t have in-house resources dedicated to marketing, or their in-house resources don’t have the full support they need to do their best work. 

Alternatively, many businesses don’t know how to prioritize marketing, use the right strategies to get in front of their audience, or get an encouraging return on their investment, one that will help them confidently continue to market. 

So, as we enter a new year, one filled with possibilities and opportunities for your business, I wanted to share with you four reasons why marketing is essential to your success in 2024. 

Build Credibility, Authority, and Trust With Your Medical Marketing

One of the truly exciting things about the current landscape of marketing is how deep you can go on the topics that matter to your audience. 

The modern customer journey is a largely non-linear process. Long-gone are the days when someone saw an ad then went to a store to make a purchase. It just doesn’t happen. 

But what does happen is people opening a browser on their phone, tablet, or computer and searching for something. Many people will search exhaustively until they feel that they’re informed enough to move forward with some sort of action. 

The beauty of this for you, is that you can be the business that is answering their queries with your content. 

Targeted ad copy, custom landing pages, easy-to-navigate websites, and in-depth blogs can all be fashioned in direct response to what people are looking for online. And your unique perspective and delivery will differentiate your brand from the competition. 

You can build credibility, authority, and trust through your medical marketing like never before.

Offer Low-Pressure Ways To Create Brand Engagement Through Quality Content

Delving even deeper into the realm of building trust and credibility, content marketing is a proven way to create brand awareness and authority. 

Think of this way: paid advertising is often used as a strategy to engage people who are closer to making a purchase or a commitment, whereas a tactic like blogging tends to engage someone who is higher in the funnel. They’re researching. They’re learning. And they’re considering what to do next. 

This means that through tactics like blogging, downloadable content, informative videos and social content, and email newsletters, you can create highly informative, incredibly niche content. 

And by being a resource for this type of content — content that is well-written, logically structured, as well as informative and useful — you are creating trust in your brand. 

We’ve helped long-established brands effectively reposition themselves through our content strategies, and we’ve also helped startups with zero online presence supercharge their offerings by collaborating with them to understand their audience’s needs and the business’s goals in order to create a content plan that supports both. 

Having great, consistently published content is essential to any medical or healthcare brand’s success in 2024. 

Use Data Insights To Make Informed Decisions for Your Brand’s Medical Marketing

When we work with a business, we want our collaboration to create growth. We’re a growth agency, so that’s what our work is designed to foster. 

But we’re very careful about how we manage our clients’ budgets. We treat them as though they were our own. If a campaign is working, then we search for insights on how we can create even better performance. If it’s not working how we believed it should, then we put our resources into adjusting, replacing, or pausing that campaign in order to avoid creating waste. 

We gather data, organize it, assess it, and share it — along with our insights — in order to help you understand everything about what your marketing dollars are doing. You deserve that level of clarity, and you deserve to know that your digital marketing team is looking at everything they can in order to help you achieve your goals. 

We don’t turn on campaigns and walk away from them. Quality results require quality work and stewardship. That’s precisely what we do. You’ll always get our best recommendations and insights in order to take your business to the next level. 

Have big goals for 2024? We do, too! We’d love to help you achieve yours. The Formada team is here to help you with your most important digital marketing needs — website design, content strategy, paid search advertising, and a whole host of other service offerings. 

All you need to do in order to learn more about what we do is contact me. I look forward to it!


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