Why Your Industry Needs A Smarter Approach TO Marketing Healthcare Now More Than Ever

by Meghan Kelly

Jan 24, 2024

Posted in Industry

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Marketing Healthcare Needs A More Effective, People-First Digital Approach

It doesn’t matter if you’re a provider, a practice manager, a recruiter, or running a medical device company — you’re in the midst of industries rich with opportunity for a new approach to marketing healthcare. 

Providers and practice managers are dealing with unprecedented levels of burnout and fluctuating reimbursements. Recruiters are facing a wave of retirement with not enough candidates to fill the empty spaces. If you’re in the device or tech space, you’re striving to create the best-possible product while racing the clock (and the competition) to be first to market. 

A lot of the time, it feels like there’s very little in your control. But you do have control over your message. You have control over who you are in this tumultuous landscape, and that’s such a valuable asset to your ongoing success. 

I’ve been working with medical and healthcare brands for over 15 years, and here’s why I believe you need great digital marketing now, perhaps more than ever!

You Have More Opportunity Than Ever To Shape The Perception of Your Brand Through The Way You’re Marketing Healthcare

Think about how much things have changed in the last twenty or so years. If you wanted to market yourself, your options were pretty limited: print, broadcast, and community engagement efforts. That’s about it. 

And while many of those mediums are still entirely valid, your digital marketing opportunities are rich with possibilities. Not only are certain tactics, like your website and content efforts, totally owned by you, but the insights you can glean from your marketing data tells you everything you need to know about your target audience, your ROI, and where your leads are coming from. 

With so much noise out there, having a unified strategy across your website, blog, paid campaigns, emails, and social media gives people a clear sense of who you are, what you offer, and why you’re the right choice. 

Speaking of…

Consumers Do More Research Than Ever. What Message Are You Sending Them When Marketing Healthcare?

Consumer decision making is anything but linear. We want to know that we’re making the right choice in an era of endless choices. We want the best products and services at the best value in the most convenient manner. 

While those expectations aren’t necessarily reasonable, it’s those businesses that choose to take advantage of their digital marketing opportunities that often come out on top. 

Does it mean they’re the best? Sometimes. That’s because consumers have just as much of a voice in validating the worth of a brand as the business itself. 

At Formada, we work with businesses in order to understand who they are and what challenges they face so that we can create a strategy that helps them achieve their goals. 

Often, that means designing a website that better reflects who the business is, what they offer, and how visitors can get it — creating a secure, easy to navigate experience that gives consumers what they want and the data the business needs. 

It also means delving deeper into the content in order to improve the brand’s visibility on search engines. Regular blogging, for instance, can have a huge impact on a business by helping consumers get useful information they’re searching for, establish authority with major search engines, all while reinforcing its expertise and differentiation.

Point being, is that people are out there looking for the “best _____” and if you’re not out there evangelizing the worth of what you’re offering, then your competition is filling that space for you. 

What’s more, a hard to navigate website and an inactive social media page are only reinforcing negative perceptions. 

It’s Time To Take Control of Your Marketing Efforts

The good news is that perceptions can change. A unified message. Consistent publication of blogs and social media posts. Well designed sites and landing pages. Useful email and blog content. Paid search campaigns with time-sensitive offers and clear calls to action. 

These are just some of the ways in which we engage with the right audiences in the right places at the right times. It’s a place where we specialize in helping healthcare organizations feel more confident in their investments, because we believe in creating personalized strategies based on unique goals. 

We’ll elevate and support the marketing resources you have. Or, we’ll be the marketing team your brand needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!


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