Why We’re Committed To Digital Marketing For Medical Practices

by Meghan Kelly

Apr 12, 2024

Posted in Industry

Meghan Kelly and Garrett Jackson created Formada to deliver Digital Marketing For Medical Practices.

Why We’re All-In On Supporting Medical and Healthcare

I’ve spent the majority of my career building teams that specialize in digital marketing for medical practices. It’s a unique space in the marketing world, one filled with distinct challenges, but with equally distinct opportunities. 

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with practice owners and managers, physicians and providers, recruiters, fellow healthcare marketers, as well as medical device and software creators. 

Despite the differences in these many roles and areas of focus across the industry, each shared a common frustration: An inability to connect with the people who would most benefit from their work. 

At Formada, we want to help everyone that we can connect with their ideal client in the most effective and efficient way possible. We can leverage our deep experience in the medical and healthcare worlds in order to get more people the care, technology, and careers they deserve. 

But this is just one of the reasons why we’re all-in on supporting medical and healthcare organizations with their digital marketing. Here are some more. 

A Solid Marketing Partnership Can Save You Time

It’s no secret that people working in healthcare are wearing too many hats. Many of the practitioners and practice managers in private practice care that I speak with are overwhelmed with responsibilities they couldn’t have anticipated: operations, finance, marketing, human resources, training and development — the list goes on and on. 

All of these things are necessary in running a successful practice, but at the end of the day, what most practitioners want to focus on is delivering great care to their client base. And when you’re scouring Google Analytics to get a better understanding of whether or not your website traffic is healthy, then odds are you’re feeling spread a little thin. 

We want to lighten your load. Take a little of that burden off your shoulders.

Much like the world of healthcare, we believe that great marketing requires a personalized approach in order to garner the best results. 

Our aim is to partner with you, garner a deep understanding of your brand and goals, and create a personalized strategy that will help you get in front of the people who need your services. 

Yes, we want to send you more of the leads that you want, or help you sell more products or services if that’s your priority, but we also want to give you the confidence that your marketing engine is running as it should be so that you can focus on doing your best work. 

Healthcare Organizations Face Unique Challenges  

Digital marketing for medical practices and healthcare organizations requires a unique understanding of the space. 

  • Clinics and hospital systems are facing a workforce shortage
  • Existing workers are facing increasing feelings of burnout
  • Many insurance companies are decreasing reimbursements and/or restricting care
  • Data systems are often incompatible, causing wasted time and resources

And these are just some of the challenges that healthcare organizations are facing these days. 

At Formada, we do believe that these are obstacles that can be overcome, and we also believe that marketing is a major factor in doing so.

We work with businesses in all facets of the industry, from recruiters to clinicians to software and device manufacturers, and we’ve seen first-hand that when an organization takes advantage of the platforms available to them, that they can create real change for themselves and the clients whom they serve. 

Overcome Common Marketing Challenges With A Few Simple Ideas

Remember your audience 

Many industries, due to their specific focus, often forget that they are not their audience. People researching medical and health information may have limited experience about your particular area of expertise. 

Provide as much valuable information as you can, but be plainspoken. The goal is always to draw people in deeper though increasingly useful content so that they will ultimately take action. 

Your website, paid ads and landing pages, social media, and every other publishing platform at your disposal is an opportunity to share a meaningful message with your audience. 

Content marketing is a key differentiator 

Your content is your brand’s voice. Many professionals we’ve worked with over the years have struggled with the idea of creating a unique brand in the face of a competitor-rich industry. 

Overcoming this requires perspective, strategy, and execution. While it may be true that, on a fundamental level, there are others who might offer the same services or products or care that you do, there is no one else who does it precisely the way that you do. You are what makes your business distinct. 

Capturing what is unique about your organization and consistently publishing content that reinforces these attributes is what will set you apart from your competitors and create connections with your clients. 

What’s more, great content not only serves your audience but will help you earn credibility with search engines, further increasing your visibility. Content, perhaps now more than ever, is critical to your success. 

Find a marketing partner that you can trust 

We know that trust is earned, not assumed. 

When the Formada team partners with you, we want to learn everything that we can about your organization. 

To us, it’s inappropriate to recommend any marketing tactics without having a deep understanding of what your business is — your goals, your team, your operations, the challenges you face, everything we can in order to make the best possible recommendations.

What matters most to your business? What matters most to your clients? And what have been some of your biggest frustrations with marketing in the past? Are there institutional challenges that exist within your organization? 

Whatever we can do to seamlessly plug into your business to become an extension of your team is how we like to create a foundation for using marketing to achieve your goals. 

Let’s Talk About The Future Of Healthcare

We’re committed to digital marketing for medical practices because we see the opportunities that lie ahead, we understand the obstacles that need to be overcome, and we possess proven strategies that can help you achieve your goals. 

We would love the chance to speak with you. If you’re interested in learning more about how Formada can be your marketing partner, then contact us today. We look forward to it!


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