How To Do Programmatic Advertising For Healthcare Organizations

by Meghan Kelly

Mar 27, 2024

Posted in Industry

Formada's VP of Paid Media discusses how to do programmatic advertising with a colleague.

Programmatic Advertising — What Is It?

If you’re wondering how to do programmatic advertising for your healthcare business, you’re not alone. Programmatic advertising has rapidly become a sought after digital marketing tactic due to the ability to manage a comprehensive campaign across multiple mediums, including display ads, Smart TVs, streaming platforms, internet radio, and more. 

This means your ideal audience is delivered relevant content, consistently, on whichever platforms you’re investing marketing dollars with. 

Programmatic Advertising — How Does It Work?

Most programmatic advertisers use what are called demand-side platforms (DSP). These platforms aggregate use data and publisher data in order to automate your ability to buy ad impressions. 

Is programmatic advertising fully automated? Not quite. A programmatic expert is recommended to build the campaign structure, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions. 

There are two distinct types of these demand-side platforms. One is the full-service platform, where every action related to your programmatic campaign is carried out by the DSP itself. The second type of DSP is called a self-service platform, where an agency or specialists manages the campaign’s actions. 

Formada acts as the latter, where we partner with preferred DSPs in managing campaigns for our clients.

And thanks to the near-infinite number of data points available to advertisers, programmatic specialists can create campaigns that are more relevant to audiences than ever before. 

Though there are similarities between paid search and programmatic advertising, the latter tactic has far more sophisticated capabilities. Not only can you use real-time data to make immediate campaign refinements, but you can also quickly and seamlessly push those refinements across websites, podcasts, and television, just to name a few. 

What DSPs do during the campaign process

  • Real-time, high speed transactions
  • Dynamic audience targeting that help refine campaign criteria on the fly
  • Budget optimization through real-time reporting
  • Detailed reporting

The benefit of these features is that your audience gets content that is more relevant to their needs and you get an increased ROI! 

Why Programmatic Advertising Matters To Your Healthcare Organization

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Programmatic advertising, when structured correctly, takes the headache out of the media buying process and helps you to place a single, unified campaign across as many different publishers as you’re willing to invest in while spending your ad dollars as efficiently as possible.  

Increased Placement Control

Working with a demand-side platform gives you total control over where you publish what you publish, and when you publish — to a near-granular degree! Many DSPs include brand safety guidelines that ensure your organization is being advertised in conjunction with publications and programming that align with your values. 

Increased Campaign Refinement 

Every impression is an opportunity to make your campaign even more relevant to your audience while also giving you the direction you need to create more effective campaigns in the future. No other campaign tactic enables the level of specificity you can achieve through programmatic advertising. 

Why Aren’t More Experts Talking About Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising, despite all of its benefits, can be a complicated tactic for those without the right training. When business and practice owners ask us how to do programmatic advertising, our response is, “Work with an expert.”

No marketing tactic is a silver bullet, but with the right goals, strategy, and marketing expert at the helm, programmatic advertising is an effective, reliable, and scalable tactic for driving leads to your organization. 

Formada Knows How To Do Programmatic Advertising 

Why Formada? We’re a full-service agency that’s transparent and informative about the value and relevance of our services, and believe in being good stewards of our clients’ ad budgets. 

We don’t like to recommend tactics because they’re trendy. Too many organizations are led astray by marketing activities that don’t have a proven track record of success. 

Our recommendations are designed to help you achieve your goals. As an organization, Formada is not focused on the newest, we’re focused on what’s most effective for your particular needs and goals. 

We’ve tested different demand-side platforms, built numerous campaigns, and assessed their performances with a mix of cautious optimism and healthy skepticism. Our conclusion? 

Programmatic advertising is an incredible option. It’s an accessible tactic that will differentiate you from your competition, create a sophisticated marketing engine for your business, and drive the type of leads your organization needs to grow. 

Your Programmatic Success Starts With The Right Partner

You deserve to know that when you’re investing marketing dollars, that you will be consistently driving new leads and getting the return on your investment that you deserve. 

Formada’s programmatic experts will never ask for your ad dollars and say “trust us.” It’s our responsibility take our role as your marketing agency of choice very seriously and act as more than just the liaison between you and your ad placements — our goal is to feel like a trusted extension of your team. 

We want to know everything we can about your business and your goals in order to provide you with informed recommendations that allow you to make decisions confidently while we do the heavy lifting on your behalf. 

We work with organizations of all sizes, from small to enterprise organizations, so we have expertise in deploying ad dollars creating and effectively in order to make tactics like programmatic work for your brand. 

Ready to learn more about how your business can generate more customers through programmatic advertising? If you have questions about this tactic, or about others like websites, content strategy, or your paid or social advertising options, please contact us today for your free consultation.


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