Why Posting On Facebook Isn’t Enough

by Garrett Jackson

Jun 29, 2018

Posted in Facebook

Posting Is Not Enough Graphic

You know you need to post on Facebook.

You know that it’s an important part of your digital footprint.

So, despite how busy you are with your business, you are diligent about ensuring that you carve out the time to update your business Facebook page.

You work hard to create educational content.

You post quality photos.

You publish testimonials from your delighted customers. You work hard to ensure that your page is full of good content, but…

…did you know that only 2-5% of your followers are actually able to see this organic content in their news feed?

Let’s say you’re a business that has 500 followers. Each carefully crafted post is seen by only 25 people. That’s a lot of work for not a lot of eyeballs.

The Feed Is Full

Simply posting to Facebook is no longer enough. Facebook studied the average user and discovered that this user receives 1500 posts in their feed each day. If this user has a lot of friends and likes a lot of pages—that number can increase to 15,000 posts each day!

Facebook’s goal is to show its users the content that they will find most interesting. If the content that you share is liked, shared, or commented on by your fans—Facebook awards your content and shares that content with more people. You can see how not all posts are created equal. Facebook wants you to earn your views. Still, even if you’re able to find the time to create and post interesting content, odds are that less than 5% of your fan base will actually view it.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Beat The Odds

Facebook advertising allows you to beat those 5% odds by either paying to “boost” your posts or creating a custom advertising campaign. When you create a campaign on Facebook, you first determine your campaign objective.

  • Do you want to drive traffic into your business?
  • Get more brand exposure?
  • Introduce and promote a new product?

Facebook ads allow you to drastically increase your reach while targeting prospective customers based on a number of different demographic and psychographic factors—regardless if the prospect is following you or not. Facebook ads appear in the news feed, just like your organic posts. But, they are seen by a far larger audience because they allow you to move outside the closed channel of your followers and their friends and family.

Partner Your Business With Formada

At Formada, we create custom Facebook campaigns for our clients that focus on your business goals. We love helping businesses reach customers at the right time. We believe in your expertise—let us help you with ours.


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