We are thinking of changing our brand name, but I need help with name ideas

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

VP of Content, Natalie Nygren, is photographed in black and white, seated in front of the camera and smiling. she is surrounded by teal, magenta, and blue lines, creating a colorful graphic effect.

Rebranding is an exciting but often challenging endeavor. 

What’s the best strategy? To create an all-new brand that is entirely different from the current one, or is it best to refine the existing brand to better reflect the state of business and today’s marketplace?

Having a team that specializes in branding and brand consulting will help you define your goals, clarify what you want to present to the world, and create the best updated brand identity for your business. 

Formada will work with you to better understand your current brand, where you’d like to see the brand go, and put together a plan for a seamless brand transition. 

New logos, new brand colors, a new style guide, and a plan to help you update your physical and digital marketing assets — including press releases and social media announcements — to ensure you make the splash you deserve. 

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