“How Can You Write for Our Business If You Don’t Work Here?” How Our Copywriters Protect Your Brand.

by Natalie Nygren

Sep 29, 2023

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Protect Your Brand Voice with Expert Copywriting

We will often talk to business owners who would benefit from a more aggressive content strategy but have a hard time fully embracing the idea. 

The roadblock isn’t because they don’t think that more would be bad for the business, quite the opposite, in fact. They fully understand how regularly published content will help their ranking in search engine result pages. They even know that it will help differentiate them from their competitors and build their authority with readers. 

The problem stems from their feeling like they and their team don’t have time to devote to content creation, and what’s more, they can’t imagine handing over the responsibility to an agency copywriter. 

It’s the most common objection we get from leaders in the business. They just don’t feel comfortable having someone write content for their brand if they don’t actually work for the business. As the head of Formada’s Content Services, let me say this: It’s a valid concern! 

They’ve likely worked for years to establish their brands. To carve out something distinct. And then you hand it over to a copywriter who hasn’t put in any of the blood, sweat, and tears to capture your current market share? No way! 

If that writer doesn’t do a good job representing the business, it could be detrimental. All of that hard work disappears because someone was careless with the brand. 

But that’s a rare, worst-case scenario. 

That said, it’s okay to feel nervous about having an outside person writing public-facing copy for your brand. You should feel protective of your business and the reputation you’ve built. 

However, many agencies (including and especially Formada!) have processes in place to help copywriters become so well-versed in your business and your brand’s voice that they essentially become an extension of your team.

How Formada Trains Writers To Capture Your Brand Voice

Let me let you in on a little secret: Writing is hard. Not the physical act of writing, of course, but writing things that are useful and interesting and informative and even inspirational — that’s where writing can get really tricky. 

Good writers know this. We know that every time we put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, in order to write effectively, We have to be the conveyor and the listener of the idea. We have to be endlessly curious and fastidious in our research. 

So when it comes to writing on behalf of others, we take this responsibility very seriously. We don’t consider ourselves to be speaking on your behalf — our goal is to speak just as you would, possibly even better than you’ve been able to in the past. 

That’s why we created a process to ensure that we at the very least meet your expectations and hopefully exceed them through our work. 

Total Immersion in the Business

This part of the process is very similar to how we approach our business in general. We’re not going to show up to a discovery call with a pitch deck. We want to get to know you first — your market, your goals, your wins and your challenges. 

We take the same approach in how we write for your business. 

Our initial learning and research phase involves a head-first dive into the business so that our understanding includes but goes well beyond the contents of your brand style guide. Yes, we want to capture your voice, but we want to be subject matter experts. 

We’re here to help you sell your products or services to your customer base. That means that before we ever start writing, we’re interviewing folks from your team, poring over marketing assets, and absorbing whatever materials it takes for us to capture and enhance your voice. 

Team Collaboration

Especially in the earliest stages of writing for your business (or when tackling a new aspect of the business, no matter how long the working relationship has existed), cross-team Collaboration is key to ensuring your goals are met.

We collaborate with our clients throughout the entire production process — from discovery to keyword research to idea generation on core messaging, all the way to approval. This can be as involved and as time-consuming as you’d like it to be. 

One beneficial aspect of this part of the process that we have found is that many leaders in the business aren’t often asked to communicate about certain aspects of the organization. It helps focus your brand offering and leads to new and exciting conversations and content ideas that wouldn’t have been possible without this level of collaboration. 

Leveraging Expertise To Optimize Performance

At this point in the process, we draw upon our prior experiences in order to inform our broader strategy. 

Given the focus of this business, how competitive is the market? How often should we be publishing? Are there more niche subjects that competitors are ignoring that we can take advantage of in order to increase the business’s visibility? 

Knowing who you are, what you want to say, and how you want to say it are all essential parts of the process, and only after knowing those things can we see the untapped opportunities of your brand. 

This unique approach to content strategy and copywriting produces incredible results precisely because we immerse ourselves in the businesses that we work with. We can’t be effective without being educated, and we can be educated without collaboration. 

None of our copywriters are attorneys or work in hearing care, and yet our content in those realms continuously performs to the great success of our clients. I believe it’s because we listen, we build trust, and we deliver. Over time, this leads our clients to let the team do what they do best: Write really good, really engaging content. 

More Reasons To Trust Formada With Your Brand’s Content

Content can be a hard nut to crack for many marketers and business owners, but once you get the right guidance and support, its benefits are innumerable. 

More and more marketers are investing in content, and with good reason. Google’s recent moves to prioritize “helpful content” — content that is accurate, well-written, and useful to the reader — is becoming a priority in terms of search results. 

At Formada, we use tools like SEMrush for our keyword research and topic ideas, as well as tools like Grammarly for voice feedback to ensure we’re hitting the right tone. 

Copywriting is a specialty. It requires special skills. Content strategy demands deep knowledge and the ability to actualize a long-term vision for a business and its goals. Not every digital marketing agency can offer this service, certainly with the level of insight and empathy our team can. 

It’s important to have an agency on your side that can take your knowledge and offerings and elevate them into compelling copy that pushes people to take action, action that helps you meet your goals. 

Your brand deserves it. Your business needs it. And we’d certainly love to help you achieve it. 
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