I’m not sure if we’re investing our digital marketing dollars in the right tactics

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

Formada Founders Meghan Kelly and Garrett Jackson are seated while discussing mission statement strategies. They are shot in black and white, facing each other. Yellow, ladder-like illustrations are drawn behind them in the image.

Marketing is a necessary but often frustrating investment for many businesses. The reason for this frustration? Many business owners don’t have a clear understanding of what their marketing dollars are doing to propel the organization forward.

Before making any recommendations, your agency or marketing team should have a deep understanding of your business, your brand, your goals, and any challenges you’ve faced in your prior marketing campaigns.  

At Formada, our position is that every business needs a personalized marketing strategy, one composed of different tactics at different levels of investment in order to achieve an established set of goals.

From there, your strategy can be deployed, data can be gathered and assessed, and if adjustments need to be made, then the team will use information gathered from the campaign to make those recommendations. 

You deserve clarity about how your dollars are being spent, what your campaigns are doing for the business, and what kind of return you should expect. 

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