I am running out of ideas of what to post on social media

by Formada Social

Apr 8, 2024

A black and white photo of Harrison Horblit is surrounded by colorful graphic imagery, while he smiles at the camera. Harrison specializes in managing UTM parameters.

It’s not just you. Coming up with ideas for social media posts can be absolutely exhausting. 

This is why we recommend creating a social media calendar that can help you plan your posts for months at a time (if not the entire year!)

Set simple, achievable goals for your business. You don’t need to post every day, but it is important to post regularly on a predetermined basis to create predictability for your audience and increase efficiency for your team. 

The best way to manage this is by creating a content calendar. 

Commit to posting a certain number of times per week. Choose the specific days in which you’ll post. Identify a few simple, distinct themes you want to cover on those days. From there, brainstorm ideas that fit into those categories and add them to your calendar. 

You can even create these posts in bulk, scheduling them to publish ahead of time. From here, you can assess which posts get more engagement, which will in turn help you develop new content in the future. 

Additionally, we would encourage you to embrace sharing posts multiple times. Not everything has to be brand new. Not everyone will have seen your content the first time you posted it. And don’t be afraid to share articles or stories from other outlets that are relevant to your brand and the interests of your audience. 

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